Independence for Seniors: What it is and How it Works

Group of seniors dancing at the park

Growing older comes with several perks, including independence. Of course, the nature of independence can change as we get into our later years. For seniors, it can take a little extra care and consideration to maintain this independence, but it can also help you to enjoy some of the best years of your life.

Let’s explore independence for seniors and how you can age comfortably and independently!

How Do We Define Independence for Seniors?

We experience independence in many forms as we age. As children, it may be playing alone without someone watching over you. For young adults, it is the first week of finally living on your own. For seniors, independence looks a lot like adult living—but it comes with some small changes too.

Independence for seniors is about finding the balance between living independently and maintaining the support of those around you. It is about managing your health and making sure that your lifestyle changes to adapt to the times.

Above all else, it is letting you live your life on your own terms while also staying safe.

What Does Independence for Seniors Look Like in Practice?

Living independently as a senior can come in many forms, but there are some core principles that often apply. These are some examples of senior independence in practice.

The Freedom to Live Alone

For many of us, independence in our later years includes living alone—and this can be a really freeing experience. When you live on your own, you make the rules. This means that everything from home decor to when you have dinner is all up to you. Of course, this freedom is only possible when you do everything you can to maintain your independence.

The Ability to Manage Your Own Health

Our health is a gift, and it is something that we must not take for granted. Independence for seniors means being responsible with that gift and clearly demonstrating that you can be trusted with it. If you’re not staying on top of your health needs or you are no longer in a place to handle them alone, independent senior living might not be the right match for you.

Your health needs may not be the same as the retiree up the street, but they are still important. Eating right, getting enough healthy movement, and maintaining a reliable schedule with medication are essential to your well-being.

Five seniors in walking group going through the park

Embracing Senior-Friendly Activities

Many people look forward to retiring and slowing down, but you might be surprised when things start speeding up in new ways. Seniors have access to all kinds of great local activities and resources. No matter what you’re interested in, you can find wonderful, low-cost activities for seniors.

Senior-Friendly Activities Include:
● Local clubs or socials
● Movie nights
● Banquets, balls, and meals
● Crafting circles
● Walking groups
● Clubs and groups for every interest

Knowing How to Use Your Resources

The true key to independence often comes down to resourcefulness, and being a resourceful senior is your ticket to success. When you know how to use the resources available to you, you can do just about anything—including living independently. As long as you know how to get what you need, whether it is mail-order prescriptions or a ride to your next doctor’s appointment, you will be all set.

Resources can be found in many places, including:
● Websites
● Apps
● Local programs
● Senior support services
● Recreation centers

Making Changes Around the Home

No one knows just how much times change quite like the elderly. It is a natural part of life, and our lives are rewritten just a little bit each day. Of course, some changes should be expected, even in the spaces that we often expect to stay the same.

As you settle into your life as an independent senior, you will want to embrace changes around the home to bring new convenience. Place dishes on lower shelves, move common trip hazards, and use modifications to reduce the risks associated with certain chores.

Finding Safe Ways to Stay Active

Remaining active as we age is one of the most important things that we can do. If you’re looking to embrace independence for seniors for many years to come, active movement needs to be a core consideration. When we move, we celebrate our bodies and support our health.

Active seniors come in many forms. While many seniors continue to embrace their preferred active hobbies well into retirement, others find their love of being active later in life. You might not even be sure where to start—that’s okay!

Consider looking for local senior fitness classes to experiment and find something you enjoy.

Making the Most of Savings Opportunities

Aging adults often joke that growing older only comes with aches and pains, but getting older isn’t always a bad thing. Many seniors are thrilled to learn that reaching certain landmarks in the age timeline can come with some truly amazing benefits. Elderly adults frequently find all kinds of ways to save thanks to senior discounts. From cheaper meals to low-cost movie tickets, you can drastically reduce your monthly spending and still enjoy all kinds of wonderful opportunities.

Senior man paying for shopping at the store using his phone

Staying Connected With The People Who Matter Most

You might be living your life and enjoying the peace and relaxation that comes with retirement, but you still need to be connected. Independence for seniors is only a good thing if it is safe for you to be independent. Maintaining connections with those you care about can help you stay safe while enjoying your independent lifestyle as the years pass.

Accidents happen, medical complications happen, and crimes happen too. Having a daily video call or even using a check-in service can help you maintain life-saving connections with loved ones.

Give them the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re safe, and make sure someone will know if the unexpected happens.

Maintain Your Independence By Staying Close to Others

Independence for seniors means managing your health and well-being every day, but it also means finding safety and security with those who are dear to you. At CheckinBee, we believe that the key to senior safety is connection, which is why we have simplified what it takes to stay connected. Our dedicated check-in service allows you to send a daily check-in to up to five loved ones every single day, so they know when you’re doing well–or when you need help.

A little check-in can have a big impact. To see if CheckinBee is right for you, sign up for a free trial with us today!

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