Daily check-ins for peace of mind

CheckinBee will message your loved one every day and alert friends or family if they can't be reached.


Senior woman receiving a daily check-in text message to her phone

Stay independent but never alone

Set-up Account

Create an account, add your emergency contacts, and select your daily check-in time. No app to download.


CheckinBee will check in with you every day. Simply reply to the message with 'yes' or 'okay' to check-in for the day, it's that easy!

Missed Check-in Alert

If you miss your check in, CheckinBee will alert your emergency contacts to make sure someone checks in on you.

3,726 check-ins by 855 happy customers!

For people living alone

CheckinBee checks in every day to confirm you’re okay. The service is easy, affordable, and can be used by anyone with a cell phone. Peace of mind that if something happens to you, your loved ones will be notified so they can help quickly (and can help your pets too!)

Senior woman living alone with her pet dog
Senior woman with her daughter who has come to check on her daily

For Caregivers and Family Members

Whether you live far away from each other or find it challenging to check in on a regular basis, CheckinBee provides a daily touch point, ensuring the ones you love are never alone. Get notified every time your loved one misses a check-in.

For Organizations

CheckinBee can be used by organizations such as independent living communities, hospitals, not for profits, and church groups that want to offer a check-in service to their members and be able to manage all check-ins from a single dashboard.

Group of seniors in a yoga class outside

People love CheckinBee

This service offers peace of mind to everyone involved, it's a wonderful idea and worthwhile service. Love it!!
User Review 1
Diane B.
CheckinBee User
I have forgotten to check in a couple of times and my sons have been notified and I was contacted just as I should have been.
User Review 2
Richard S.
CheckinBee User
I have used CheckinBee for my mother as I don't live close by. The peace of mind that if something happens to her, I will get an alert is priceless.
User Review 3
Katherine D.
CheckinBee User

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