Frequently Asked Questions


How do I check-in with CheckinBee?

To check-in with CheckinBee, you simply need to respond to the check-in text message that we will send to the loved one’s phone. You can respond with either ‘yes’ or ‘okay’ and our system will then confirm via message that you have been checked in.

How long do I have to check-in before you notify my emergency contacts?

CheckinBee will notify your emergency contacts 10 minutes after you miss your check-in. For example, if your check-in time is 9:00 AM, we will notify your emergency contacts at 9:10 AM if you haven’t checked in.

I’m not receiving my verification code, what should I do?

CheckinBee sends verification codes from the following toll-free number +1 (844) 417-8084. Some T-Mobile customers have “code blocking” turned on for their accounts. You’ll need to contact T-Mobile (dial 611) and ask them to remove “code blocking”. Ask them to let messages from toll-free numbers through.  If you’re not with T-Mobile and are not receiving messages please reach out to support@checkinbee.com.

How much does CheckinBee cost?

We offer a free no-hassle 14 day trial of CheckinBee with no credit card needed. Our paid plans start at only $14 per month. More details about our pricing can be found here.

Can I pause CheckinBee for a few days if I know I won’t need it?

Yes, the account owner can start and stop the daily check-ins at any time from their personal dashboard.

Can I check-in before my scheduled check-in time?

You can check in any time after you receive the message from CheckinBee asking you to check in for the day. We will send you the message 1 hour before your check-in time. For example, if your check-in time is at 9am, you can check-in anytime after 8am by replying to our check-in message.

How many contacts should I add?

We recommend choosing quality over quantity when adding your care circle members. Make sure you are picking people who you trust and can rely on to follow up after a missed check-in. With that being said, we recommend adding 2-3 emergency contacts if possible.

Will CheckinBee remind me to check-in?

Yes, CheckinBee sends a few helpful reminder messages in advance of your check-in time. The first reminder message to check-in will be sent 1 hour before your check-in time. A second reminder message will be sent 20 minutes before the check-in time. If no check-in is made before the check-in time, a message will be sent to your loved one informing them that their care circle will be notified of the missed check-in.

Is CheckinBee available outside of the United States and Canada?

At this time, CheckinBee is only available within the United States and Canada. We plan to make the service available to other countries soon.

Is CheckinBee open to partnering with independent living communities or other providers?

Yes, we’re happy to discuss a partnership. Please reach out to partners@checkinbee.com to discuss further.

Have more questions?

Reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to help.

Get started with our 14 day free trial. No credit card needed.

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