Top Secrets of Independent Seniors: How to Age Gracefully at Home

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Senior independence is something that every person will eventually need to consider. Whether you are living alone as an older woman or man, age brings new considerations for your independence. In this article, we will explore simple steps that support independence for seniors. 

Senior Independent Living Checklist: How to Get Started

There are plenty of steps any senior can take to help maintain your independence throughout the years. 

Find the Right Space to Thrive

As the years pass, what we want in a forever home starts to change. There are some home features that suit seniors and help them prioritize safety, like trading a multi-floor home for a single-story home or trading slippery floors for something with more traction. Independent seniors can prioritize comfort and safety by finding the right place to live.

Although many seniors seek out homes or living spaces where they can be more comfortable, others may adapt their current homes instead. Adding a bathtub with more support or even moving certain home features to more accessible areas can really help. Even placing a plate on a lower shelf can improve your daily routine!

Senior man with walking frame in a large bathroom with walk in bath

Embrace Technology

Media representations often portray technology as the enemy of seniors, but the reality is that it can play a highly beneficial role as you age–and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Technology gives seniors freedom like never before, allowing them to stay sharp, active, and connected to friends and family. 

The world continues to change each day, and it has never been easier to move around. Many seniors find their loved ones are spread far and wide, and that doesn’t always make it easy to see them. Thankfully, modern solutions can help. 

It has never been easier in history for seniors to keep in touch with all of the people who matter to them. With a phone, tablet, or computer, you can make a call, send a text message, write an email, share a video, or even video call. You can see grandchildren grow from across the country and make time for regular calls that fit into busy schedules. 

Find technology that works for you, and use it!

Build Your Community

Independence means being able to live on your own, but it does not mean being alone. We all need relationships with friends and acquaintances, and they are something we must maintain from childhood well into our twilight years. There is no doubt about it—we all need to socialize. 

Finding a community happens in different ways for seniors. Attend events and make connections until you find a social circle. Surround yourself with people you enjoy being with, and stay active in your community in any way you can. Celebrate birthdays, plan a movie night, or even get together for lunch. 

You can maintain your independence by maintaining your independent identity, and you’re never too old to make great friends!

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High-Impact Health Practices for Independent Seniors

The largest determining factor in whether or not seniors are able to maintain their independence is their health. If your health begins to degrade, you will be more likely to have to give up certain levels of independence. The steps that you take to support your health may determine how independent you are tomorrow, next year, or five years from now.

Health for seniors often comes down to habits. The actions that you take each day will influence your health for better or worse. The three most prominent influencers for health are diet, exercise, and medical care. It is very important to maintain yourself in these areas. 

Eat Well

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are—you’re never too old to eat your greens. A good, healthy diet for seniors should be composed of fruits and veggies, healthy grains, and a few treats we love too. Every bite has the ability to give your body the nutrients it needs to keep you independent and doing the things you love.

Stay Active

A good diet is important, but remaining active is one of the many effective ways you can support your health as a senior. Movement keeps you loose and agile, allowing you to maintain healthy mobility no matter how much excitement life brings you. 

Be Responsible With Medical Needs

Most seniors are given medical advice and support from doctors, and following their advice can keep you independent longer. Managing any medication, following recommendations, and sticking to a schedule that prioritizes your health can make a huge difference.

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Keep Your Loved Ones Informed if Something Happens

Seniors live beautiful lives, but as health changes, new risks can and do arise. At some point, the biggest factor that will influence whether or not you maintain your independence is safety. How safe is it for you to live independently as a senior?

There are some safety factors that make it too big of a risk for seniors to live independently. However, there are ways that you can maintain your independence as long as possible. Having a clear and effective way to communicate your well-being to a loved one is one of them.

As we age, the risk of unexpected turns in health increases. If something goes wrong, you want to make sure that your loved ones are aware. Fortunately, this is another area where technology can help. 

Services, like CheckinBee, allow you to keep your loved ones informed of your health daily through one simple tap. The system will ask you to check in, and the information will be sent to your loved ones. If something goes wrong and you don’t check in, they will be notified quickly to get you help.

Age increases with time, and we all get to live through the experiences that come with it. Prioritizing independence for seniors is one exceptional way to continue to chase down new experiences and make new memories. Maintaining independence can help you to make the most of every day while living on your own terms. 

At CheckinBee, we know that seniors thrive when they maintain their independence, which is why we help them maintain it a little longer. Our service is easy to use and allows you to check in with your loved ones every single day, so they know you’re living your best life. More importantly, they will also know if you ever need them. 

To learn more about us and how we can keep you independent and connected at the same time, try our free trial today!

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