How a Simple Check-In Helps Seniors Stay Independent

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Growing older comes with many changes, and one of them is living alone. Maintaining your independence as a senior is all about staying active and lowering risk, and lowering your personal risk is easy with a simple daily check-in.

Let’s explore how checking in with loved ones can help seniors to stay independent and safe!

Senior Independence: Understanding the Risks

Living alone as a senior can be liberating, peaceful, and even fun. In fact, many seniors find a lot of joy in it and aim to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Of course, as more time passes, the question of independence can start to come with new answers. It isn’t always safe for seniors to live independently, even if they want to.

Although independent senior living can be wonderful, it also comes with certain risks, including:
● A growing risk for a medical incident
● The risk of injury or falling while alone
● Risks and complications associated with certain medications
● Growing risks associated with household chores and daily tasks
● Risks associated with crime

Seniors can and do live independently, but it is always important to take precautions too.

Giving Seniors the Power of a Simple Check-In

When seniors check in with their families, everyone wins. Let’s explore what this means.

What is a Check-In?

A check-in is just what the name implies—checking in with someone close to you. It is the simple act of making a connection with someone else. When you check-in, you let the people who care about you know that you’re okay and that you’re still living the same fabulous life.

Checking in is a simple way to let others know that you’re doing well and you don’t need anything. It isn’t just an important action for seniors who live alone. Anyone who lives alone should always check in—it benefits the individual and the people who care about them!

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How Can Seniors Check in With Their Support Circle?

A check-in is a concept more than it is one singular action. In reality, there are many different ways that you can check in with loved ones, and as technology improves, the list keeps on growing. How you decide to check in is entirely up to you, but regular check-ins are very important.

Common Check-In Methods Include:
● A phone call
● A text message
● An email
● Dropping by to say hello
● A video chat
● A check-in service

Different check-in methods have different levels of commitment. While busy seniors don’t always have time to call someone, using a check-in service can provide the same comfort while only taking a few seconds.

How Checking in Lowers Risk and Helps Seniors to Stay Independent Longer

An open and reliable line of communication can keep seniors independent for longer. The simple act of checking in makes it easier to live alone and stay safe for these reasons and more!

It is Easier to Recognize and React to a Potential Emergency

Emergencies are never expected, but they do happen. The more time we spend on this beautiful journey through life, the more likely we are to encounter one. When an emergency happens, reacting quickly is essential. In some cases, it may even be a life-saving action.

Having a daily check-in is a really effective way to make sure that someone responds in the event of an emergency. When someone expects to hear from you and they don’t, they are going to follow up. This action can save your life or even reduce the negative impacts of an unexpected incident.

It is natural not to want to reflect on bad outcomes, but preparation is important. Check-ins make sure that seniors get help if and when they need it.

It Puts Loved Ones at Ease

Family, friends, partners—everyone has people in their life who they love and who love them back. The people who love you are more likely to worry about you when you live alone—it is only natural. We all want to be sure that the people we love are safe and healthy, which is why we check in with children when they get home from school, call our friends when they move, and make time for one another no matter how busy life gets.

Having a plan for regularly checking in isn’t just for you and your well-being. It is also important for the people you love most, allowing you to give them peace of mind. Every check-in lets them know that things are going well and there is nothing to worry about.

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It Creates a Sense of Empowerment

We’re never too old to be told what to do by the people who care for us, but it’s no secret that most of us prefer our decisions to be made on our own terms. By taking time to check in with loved ones, you empower yourself to maintain your independence without taking on unnecessary risks.

The steps you take to lower risk and stay in touch today will keep you independent and living your best life tomorrow!

It Makes Living Alone Safer

Nothing is more important in this world than personal safety, and as we age, being safe starts to look a little different. You may be living with medical conditions, taking medications that have different effects, or you may just not be able to do the things you used to. As an independent senior, you take on the risks associated with age and the ones that come with living alone.

Regular check-ins can keep you safe whether you forget to take your medication or someone breaks into your home. An open line of communication is a lifeline when we need it.

It Encourages Introspection

Taking time to check in with the people around you is not just a way to let someone know you’re okay. It is also a good reminder to check in with yourself. Every time you check-in, you will take time to consider whether or not you need something—or even if something feels off. Checking in benefits you and your loved ones, and it is a great reminder to take time to reflect on what you need.

Checking in Doesn’t Need to Be Hard—Let CheckinBee Handle it For You

Independent seniors all have different lifestyles, and some are busier than others. At CheckinBee, we believe that checking in is a powerful action, but we understand that it isn’t always easy using traditional methods.

Our services allow you to check in with one simple action that only takes a couple of seconds each day. You will be able to keep your loved ones informed without having to make time for a call with the whole family. When you partner with us, you gain the power to check-in with up to five loved ones quickly and conveniently.

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