Elderly Independence: Supporting Seniors You Love

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Everyone has a social circle, and many of us have some very important aging adults in our lives. As adulthood gives way to senior living, it is important to know how to better assist these loved ones. Senior independence is more achievable with love, care, and a little extra support.

Let’s explore how you can support senior independence for the people you love most!

What is Elderly Independence?

Human development often happens in a sort of U-shaped pattern. As children, we often lack independence and require additional support. With adulthood, we gain independence and start to tackle the world on our own. However, as we continue to age, our independence becomes a question once again—the question of elderly independence.

Independent seniors are older individuals who are still managing life on their own terms. They will maintain their own health, have their own ways to spend their time, and may even live alone. Elderly independence is a good thing, allowing people to enjoy their lives as the age gracefully.

Supporting senior independence is important if you are the loved one of anyone who has lived a long and fulfilling life.

Why Does Independence for Seniors Matter?

Most of us feel very strongly about our independence, and seniors are no different. In fact, most seniors want to maintain their independence for as long as possible. This is one primary reason why it is important to support their independence—you are giving them what they want to feel happy and comfortable in their lives. However, this is just the start.

Seniors independence is important for many reasons, including:
● Creating a sense of contentment in life
● Maintaining freedom and being able to live on their own terms
● Managing their health and wellness
● Encouraging critical thinking and brain health
● Supporting mental health
● Keeping seniors active
● Maintaining their sense of identity

Seniors are like any other adults—they want to live a life they love where they make the rules.

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A Friends and Family Guide to Supporting Senior Independence

We all have elderly people in our lives who we love dearly. Learn how you can support their independence with these easy steps.

Always Take Time to Check-In

Checking in with loved ones is an action, as well as a gift. When we check-in, we maintain strong connections and enjoy the benefits that come from these bonds. This can be particularly important for seniors, who may end up feeling more isolated over time.

A check-in with the older individual in your life is beneficial for you and them. It allows you to feel closer, lets you get a better gauge of their health, and gives you time to bond with someone that you love.

Whether you drop by for lunch or use a check-in service to confirm that the elderly people you love are safe and happy, small points of connection matter.

Find Little Ways to Show Support

As we grow, most of us rely on older individuals around us to teach us how to navigate the world. From learning how to build relationships to picking up key skills, it is likely that the people in your life who are older have supported you in many visible and less noticeable ways. When adults turn into seniors, they may need your support too.

Examples of Supporting Seniors Include:
● Providing transportation for outings and appointments
● Helping with chores or tasks around the house that may be too taxing
● Making sure that their needs are being met
● Offering easy and accessible meals or snacks
● Taking time to confirm that they are not missing anything they need

Aging influences everyone differently, and one senior in your life may have different needs than another. Adapt, and try to be helpful in any way that you can.

Send Regular Updates—and Ask For Them in Return

Inclusion is a critical part of the human experience, and we need to be included no matter how young or old we are. In the modern world, it is easier than ever to include one another in our lives. Technology does a wonderful job of supporting this, letting us keep in touch with ease.

Keeping seniors up to date and asking for updates in return can have a huge impact on everyone’s quality of life. Send updates about yourself or your children, and make sure you ask the seniors in your life what is going on in theirs too.

Help Seniors Learn About Phone Services and Apps

By now, most of us know that technology is the center of the modern world. We use it for everything, whether it is connecting with loved ones or helping us to track our medication. There are countless apps, services, and products made specifically to support seniors—and you can help them to gain these benefits.

Popular Technology for Seniors Include:
● Digital calendars
● Health trackers
● Telehealth services
● Rideshare services
● Home delivery
Check-in services

Woman helping senior man with laptop

Stay Informed on Their Health and Wellness

As the years pass, our health begins to change. Many of us begin to experience this starting in our thirties, and it continues to happen the older we get. There is no substitute for youth—age often brings varying health levels, chemical changes, and even medical conditions.

If you want to support the independent senior in your life, it is important to know about their health. Maintain your understanding of any notable conditions, and take an interest in their medication needs.

Your understanding in this area can make a life-saving difference for someone you love.

Know When Independence Becomes a Risk

Independent seniors are a force to be reckoned with, but at some point, that same independence that keeps them dancing through life can also become a risk. The potential for accidents or medical incidents often increases with time, and as a loved one, you must be aware of this. At some point, your family may start to see signs that the independent senior in your life would be better off with additional support.

Common Signs Include:
● Memory loss or inconsistencies in stories
● Falls or accidents
● Difficulty with basic tasks
● Falling behind on managing the home
● Struggling to make and eat healthy foods
● Lessening activity levels or an increase in sedentary living
● Worsening mental health

These changes don’t happen overnight, and there are several steps you can take as the person you love starts to lose their independence. Little changes, like using a service to confirm their well-being, can keep seniors independent longer.

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