Senior woman sat on the couch talking to her daughter

The Talk: How to Discuss Assisted Living With Elderly Relatives

After years of your parents parenting you, there may come a day when you need to parent them back. At some point, you may realize that an elderly parent or relative could benefit from a little additional assistance. Discussions about … Read More

Seniors laughing and chatting in assisted living facility

When to Move From Independent to Assisted Living

As adults reach their later years, they often find themselves embracing independent senior living. An independent lifestyle suits many seniors, but for most of them, this period of time only lasts for so long. Let’s explore some indicators that seniors … Read More

Group of senior women doing a yoga class

Living Alone at 70 and Beyond: How to Maintain Your Quality of Life

Reaching certain age milestones is a wonderful thing, but it does come with some new areas of consideration. Whether you’re living alone at 70, 71, or 86, quality of life should be your top priority. Let’s dive into the factors … Read More

Senior man holding box of possessions and smiling

How to Promote Independence in Elderly Populations

Elderly adults make up close to 20% of the population, with some areas having a much higher concentration. With this wonderful group making up such a large part of the world, it is important to help them maintain their independence … Read More

Group of seniors dancing at the park

Independence for Seniors: What it is and How it Works

Growing older comes with several perks, including independence. Of course, the nature of independence can change as we get into our later years. For seniors, it can take a little extra care and consideration to maintain this independence, but it … Read More

Senior woman opening the front door

10 Ways to Stay Safe While Living Alone as an Older Woman

Women’s safety is an essential topic in society, but our safety needs can often change as we age. It doesn’t matter if you’re 65 or 82–your safety matters, and if you’re living alone as an older woman, safety must be … Read More

Senior man fallen over laying on the floor at home

Is Living Alone Dangerous? Tips for Staying Safe at Home as a Senior

Many seniors think they have seen it all, but living alone can still come with quite a few surprises later in life. Independent living for seniors isn’t just a matter of finding the right place to live–it is also about … Read More

Senior woman hugging her daughter

Elderly Independence: Supporting Seniors You Love

Everyone has a social circle, and many of us have some very important aging adults in our lives. As adulthood gives way to senior living, it is important to know how to better assist these loved ones. Senior independence is … Read More

Graphic showing founder of CheckinBee, Adam and a graphic of a check-in message and phone

Why I built a daily check-in service for fiercely independent loved ones

I’m Adam, the founder of CheckinBee. Originally from England, I now live in Chicago with my wife, young daughter, and our dog. CheckinBee is a service, originally created for my father-in-law, that has grown to serve independent seniors and loved … Read More

Senior man looking down at phone with a dog in his lap

How a Simple Check-In Helps Seniors Stay Independent

Growing older comes with many changes, and one of them is living alone. Maintaining your independence as a senior is all about staying active and lowering risk, and lowering your personal risk is easy with a simple daily check-in. Let’s … Read More

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